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Pat Kelly, C.A.T.S. is a certified Addiction Treatment Specialist and Interventionist in California. In addition she has years of experience with inpatient intake and admissions procedures in hospitals and treatment centers. Pat is available for both interventions and lectures. She has given intake training seminars to hospitals,treatment centers, and groups for CEU's. She can be reached at (714) 883-4934 or by e-mail at PKInterventions@aol.com
Chemical dependency is a progressive and destructive disease and can even be deadly. An Intervention is needed when an addicted person is out of control with his/her addiction. Interventions are step by step plans to bring loved ones back to us before it is too late. The purpose of the Intervention is to break down their denial and get them to realize the harm their addiction is doing to themselves and everyone around them. The goal is to make the addicted person realize they need help and get them to appropriate treatment immediately. An Intervention is done in a loving and caring way with respect for the addicted person as well as everyone else. Interventions should always be done with trained professional counselors throughout the entire process. Pat has seen many people completely change and start living positive and healthy lives again!